My Basic Brush Set for Procreate - Pencil - Inking - Painting

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A few people have already expressed to me that they cannot seem to get the brushes right with their setup for comic book work.  So to help out a bit I wanted to share my basic set of Procreate brushes with you.  Keep in mind that these are only brushes that came with Procreate that I have tweaked to my own settings.  So be sure to try them out and let me know what you think.  The artwork in this image was created entirely in Procreate and witch these three brushes.  I will produce more along the way so be sure to follow me for updates.

These brushes are PWYW so whatever you feel they are worth to you is fine with me.  Thanks for your support and good luck with your art!

I also just added a new brush to this set called the RAM Comic Inker. I hope you like it! Remember to play with the pressure curve under your preferences to get desired effects as well.

Brush List-

Pencil Brush - RAM

Paint Brush Round - RAM

Inking Brush 001 - RAM

Comic Inker 002 - RAM

Spike Brush 003 - RAM

Hatching Brush 004 - RAM

Robs Sword Brush 005 - RAM

Comic Art Pack - 34 Brushes ( B1-B34 ) Zip File

Here is a video of these brushes in action -

( Updated on 5-12-2021 ) 

I added in my Comic Art Pack of 34 Additional Brushes.  It includes cross hatching brushes, background patterns, and some art stamps. ( Basically clip art brushes. )

I hope you find these to be useful and more on the way.  Thank you for your continued support and good luck with your art!

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Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics

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My Basic Brush Set for Procreate - Pencil - Inking - Painting

1352 ratings
I want this!