RAM - Basic Digital Paint Set - Photoshop Brushes

65 ratings
I want this!

RAM - Basic Digital Paint Set - Photoshop Brushes

65 ratings

Digital Painting Starter Set by Ram

Here is my first painting set that got me started. I had lots of fun with this first set and be assured you can accomplish most anything with this set. I actually recommend to my students that they start with this basic set first and learn all they can before jumping into more advanced custom brushes. If you don't, you can get confused by all the options and forget about the fundamentals. These are Pay What You Want! So if you feel they are worth something then by all means by me a cup of coffee. I LOVE coffee! ;)

After you feel confident with your paintings you can head over to my other Gumroad page and check out my more advanced set and I also have various Video Tutorials to explain my process. You can find them here -


These brushes are made for Photoshop CS6 in an .ABR file so please check your compatibility first.

If you have any questions I am here to help! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Painting! :)

Robert A. Marzullo

Ram Studios Comics

I want this!

These Custom Photoshop Brushes!

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